Arrival into Africa!

We´ve done it!! Woo hoo! We´ve even started to look different!

But to back track just a little….

We arrived at the port in Sete nearly 8 hours early as we knew there were a lot of obstacles to try and sort out before we were allowed to board. However, remarkably, we had jumped through all the hoops to get checked in and were waiting in the queue for boarding with 6 hours to spare. After all the challenges we had faced from COVID to Spanish ferries to mechanical issues to last minute height restrictions, we were feeling slightly heady that it had been so easy!

We were finally starting to allow ourselves to get excited for the first time, Africa suddenly seemed to be getting very real. A final pizza slice and cream cake was the order of the day to celebrate whilst we waited patiently surrounded by Moroccan vans and cars brimming with goods of every shape and size!

All our fears about the ferry journey itself were sadly well and truly warranted. It was dirty, smelly, oppressive and very, very boring! We spent 42 hours feeling vaguely sick, having nowhere comfortable to sit and being extremely bored cooped up in a tiny cabin!

But as we sailed out of Sete, our hearts were thumping and we had huge grins on our faces.

And the welcome into Africa 2 days later was absolutely stunning. At 8am on Sunday morning we sailed into the Moroccan port of Nador and I felt as though a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders – we were finally arriving where we ought to be. The huge skies, the smells, the sounds, the anticipation.

It was remarkably easy to get through imigration and customs, most of it had been sorted on the ferry. We even managed to change currency and buy a local SIM card for the Wifi Hotspot within an hour of leaving the port. We were rocking and rolling……

But not for long! An hour into our journey towards Fez Henry threw another wobbly on us and started spewing oil out of the rear axle – what can we say, he is a Landrover after all! But 3 hours on the side of the road in a dust storm later we were finally on our way.

We arrived in Fez just after dusk – a bustling, noisy, busy town that made our heads spin. We were there only a short time, but in those few hours we could be found skipping through the streets like big kids, sorting insurance and other administrative things still with those grins on our faces.

But by late morning the following day the adventure really started. We had joined up with our convoy and were heading south…..the direction we´ll be travelling for at least the next 6 months.

Morocco never fails to deliver. Whatever it is about Africa that pulls us here time and again never tires. End to end beautiful landscapes, warm welcomes, breath-taking desert landscapes. It was a long drive but every minute was captivating.

We wild camped in the mountains that evening with the huge skies, beautiful sunsets and thousands of stars that Africa does so well! At last, we could breath.

More to follow from Morocco in the next blog but for now I will leave you with a small selection of the thousands of photos I took on our first day travelling through this arid, dusty, beautful country.

Todra Gorge gave us the opportunity to giggle with some of the locals as well as admiring the colourful wares.

This is just the first few days, there is a long, long way to go and every second will be savoured. Who knows what is awaiting us on this long road south, for now we are happy to let it just unfold slowly in front of us.

8 responses to “Arrival into Africa!”

  1. Wow – congratulations on making it to Africa 🙂. Some stunning photos, love the town that co-ordinates so well with its surroundings. Love your new outfit too 💕.


  2. Loving watching you follow the dream. I especially love the pic outside the cafe with the rest of the guys…..I did a double-take as I thought my brother had turned into Dog the Bounty Hunter!! 😉 xx


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