Author: Jen Price

  • Hlane Royal National Park

    Hlane Royal National Park

    We arrived at Hlane Royal National Park full of excitement and anticipation. This is almost a Big Five game reserve – Lion, Leopard, Rhino and Elephant but no Buffalo…I can do without Buffalo, grumpy, dangerous creatures! The Park is used for active conservation and is therefore divided into three areas – one for Rhinos to […]

  • An Oasis of Calm in Eswatini

    An Oasis of Calm in Eswatini

    From the moment we crossed the border into Swaziland (renamed Eswatini by the King in 2018, apparently to the annoyance of the people!) everything was different. There was a sense of calm and peacefulness. Even people´s faces seemed different – not angry and pinched but smiling and relaxed. We asked the border guard where we […]

  • A Time for Reflection

    A Time for Reflection

    We have spent 3 months in South Africa, the first part waiting for Henry, the second part exploring the Western Cape and the final part rushing around like mad things trying to do everything else! We had felt incredibly at home, something about South Africa just felt right. But it would never be our forever […]

  • Kruger!


    We arrived at the iconic Kruger National Park with an hour and a half to go before the gates closed. Whilst we were much earlier than we had been for Addo, the closer we got, the more I had been getting concerned. This is Kruger, probably the most famous national park in Southern Africa. We […]

  • Mountains and Snow in Southern Africa

    Mountains and Snow in Southern Africa

    After a very bad day, we had had a lovely evening and slept like logs that night, refreshed and ready to face the world again. I was first up, just after 6am, and looked out of my window to see frost on the ground. I checked the thermostat in the back of the Landrover, it […]

  • Addo Elephant Park

    Addo Elephant Park

    After arriving late that evening, we decided to spend two nights at Addo Elephant Park, giving us a full day and a half to explore. We weren´t sure what to expect, some places we´ve visited seem to hide their animals well and you can end up driving around for hours seeing very little. We needn´t […]

  • Angels and Demons

    Angels and Demons

    We left Addo early afternoon and headed for the Nananga Farm Stall recommended by an East London local I’d been chatting to at the waterhole. First thing we were greeted with was a sign saying that remote jammers were operating in the area and advising us to double-check the car is locked before walking away […]

  • The Wild, Wild East!

    The Wild, Wild East!

    We drove out of Knysna full of anticipation and excitement for the resuming of our journey east. We had spent our entire time in South Africa so far in the westernised, developed Western Cape – there is so much more of the country to experience and we were keen to get on with it. As […]

  • Henry´s Hiccup in the Mountains of Wilderness

    Henry´s Hiccup in the Mountains of Wilderness

    We left you at the end of the last post having an idyllic few days travelling the Garden Route. We had made it to the town of Wilderness, floating on the river in the national park enjoying the peace and quiet, spotting the bird life. All was right with the world. The next day we […]

  • Interlude – Cats!

    Interlude – Cats!

    I have to admit, my firmly held belief that ´there is no such thing as too much cheese´ has, very occasionally, been found to have its limits – the cheese farm you´ll read about in our next post being the most recent! However I have never found any limits to my other passsionately held view […]