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  • Soaking up the Scenery on the Garden Route

    Soaking up the Scenery on the Garden Route

    We bought a fridge! That may not sound like the most exciting – or appropriate – thing for two nomadic travellers to do, however the lack of a camping fridge in the Hilux we were fitting out was the only thing standing between us and the open road. We had spent days trying to find […]

  • Busy Doing Nothing in the Western Cape

    Busy Doing Nothing in the Western Cape

    We have so far spent almost 3 weeks on our Cape Town shipping agent´s farm awaiting Henry´s arrival. At any given time he has always been about 2 weeks away! Frustrations abound but the farm is lovely, we are made to feel like friends rather than customers and we are, afterall, in the beautiful Stellenbosch […]

  • Container Shipping – A Cautionary Tale

    Container Shipping – A Cautionary Tale

    The shipping industry – set up by Pirates, taken over by the Mafia and not changed much since! My advice to anyone considering shipping their vehicle is simple – find another way!! There are only four main shipping companies in the world – Maersk, MSC, CMA/CGM and COSCO. Everyone else involved are basically agents who […]

  • In Our Element – Exploring the Wine Country

    In Our Element – Exploring the Wine Country

    We left you at the end of the last post as we sat in our beautiful, remote cabin in the Tankwa Karoo National Park, soaking up the peace and quiet and making friends with the wildlife. That evening we watched a spectacular electrical storm raging on the horizon for hours, lighting up the whole sky. […]

  • Regaining our Balance on the Western Coast

    Regaining our Balance on the Western Coast

    We are now 2 weeks into our South African journey and the country is certainly not disappointing us. In fact, given my long-held view that South Africa is too like Europe rather than Africa-proper it is exceeding my expectations in a big way. The fact that this country is both beautiful, wild and remote and […]

  • A Return to What We Love – Cape Town

    A Return to What We Love – Cape Town

    The veil has lifted, the world has become brilliant technicolour again – we are back in Africa! From the moment I looked out of the aeroplane window as dawn broke and saw the sands of the Namib desert beneath me, my heart lurched and my face broke into an involuntary, albeit exhausted smile. A sense […]

  • Girl Interrupted – an Unexpected Interlude

    Girl Interrupted – an Unexpected Interlude

    I have just sat and read a few of my last blog posts and the sounds, smells and feelings of West Africa have coming flooding back to me after six weeks in the UK. It may have been challenging, frustrating and at times downright hard work, but I have missed everything about it with every […]

  • Life in Abidjan

    Life in Abidjan

    We arrived in Abidjan on 3rd January 2022 and as of writing, on 20th January, we´re still here – 18 days and counting, the longest we have stayed anywhere since we sold the cottage nearly six months ago. Does it feel like home? Well….maybe not quite yet! But it is very westernised, clean, seems relatively […]

  • A New Year and New Perspective in Cote D´Ivoire

    A New Year and New Perspective in Cote D´Ivoire

    As I sit here writing this blog, the events I´m about to write about were two weeks ago. It seems like two months or maybe even two years! So much has happened since then and our lives are so different. Liberia was the low point of the trip so far, yes the conditions in Monrovia […]

  • Liberia – A Literal Melting Pot

    Liberia – A Literal Melting Pot

    We were up very early on Boxing Day at Tiwai Island ready to head for the Liberian border. The road was expected to be difficult and bumpy, Steve said it could take up to 9 hours to reach the campsite on the other side at Robertsport. Something had changed, imperceptible but fundamental. We were no […]

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