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  • The Gambia – A New Love Affair

    There are some places on this earth that resonate with the soul – for me the tiny country of The Gambia has turned out to be one of those places. Along with the big hitters of Namibia, Botswana and Portugal it has catapulted itself into my top 5 favourite places! Who can say why some […]

  • Senegal

    We left Nouakchott with optimism, I had been looking forward to Senegal since we started the trip – safe and friendly according to the FCO and the capital Dakar held obvious interest for James. The border crossing was expected to be difficult – we had been told at the embassy that the Diama border crossing […]

  • Mauritania – Warmth in the Desert

    We´re not in Kansas anymore Toto! From the moment we crossed the border from Morocco everything felt different and really was different. From the bizarre – someone turned the furnace up and emptied a swarm of mosquitos into the sky at the border; to the more expected – faces were suddenly much darker and the […]

  • Travelling the Western Sahara

    We were excited! We had filled up with fuel, water and provisions and were also full of anticipation for the 5 day trek across the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara desert. We were following the coast road so had romantic images of crashing waves on one side, endless dunes on the other….maybe a Bedouin […]

  • Morocco

    We were to spend two weeks in Morocco, a country we have loved in the past and which has not failed to live up to expectations again. It is a land of contradictions – most of it arid, desert landscapes but with splashes of vibrant colour in the towns, cities and most of all the […]

  • Arrival into Africa!

    We´ve done it!! Woo hoo! We´ve even started to look different! But to back track just a little…. We arrived at the port in Sete nearly 8 hours early as we knew there were a lot of obstacles to try and sort out before we were allowed to board. However, remarkably, we had jumped through […]

  • A Final Farewell to Europe

    After leaving Nimes we carried on with our mission to see the most beautiful parts of the French landscape that we could find and continued through the extensive list of suggestions provided by Phil. Two gorges were well worth the visit, very different but both stunning. Gorges de l´Ardeche and Gorges du Tarn….. Whilst the […]

  • Nimes – A Roman Anniversary

    Nimes is nothing like Barcelona but is just as wonderful in a completely different way. We had checked into our Ibis hotel for two nights to allow a full day of exploration, food and wine on the second day. The first afternoon, howwever, was spent finding out just how fabulous the Roman buildings that define […]

  • Getting out and about in France

    After a few days of visting some wonderful castles and towns in France we changed the pace a little and spent a few days seeing more of the countryside. The campsite we had stayed in after Collonges-la-Rouge was a simple Aire for campervans with no facilities so after my training I had my first warm […]

  • Jax Shack and the Heart of Rural France

    We left Andorra behind us with as much checking of paperwork as we had had getting into Andorra from Spain! We were heading to our friend´s place in Lot, half an hour from the Dordogne, proper rural France, but enroute we thought we´d try to find a few interesting places to stop by. Not knowing […]

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