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  • Andorra and the Smugglers Route

    Today was the day we were heading into Andorra. The prospect of snow capped mountains and alpine towns was very appealing as was, for me at least, experiencing a whole new country. We didn´t make a particularly early start and looking at the roads into Andorra – which went a long way south before turning […]

  • Retracing Our Steps – Heading North

    Yesterday morning I was sitting in the back of the Landrover holding a warm cup of Red Bush tea looking out over a beautiful but bitterly cold landscape. My hands and feet were freezing and had been since the night before. We had spent the last two evenings huddled up in a 9sqm space watching […]

  • Moraira and Beyond – 5 Star Treatment

    After Barcelona we spent a couple of days slowly making our way down the coast to Moraira. Our friends Nick and Petra had generously invited us to stay for a few days in their gorgeous villa – and also been the recipients of quite a lot of replacement parts and gadgets! En route we finally […]

  • Barcelona – the City of Love

    Having left Figueres and Dali behind we initally went back on our route off road through the Pyrennes unaware of just how bad the wheel hub issue was. We spent a happy couple of days getting to the French border and then onwards to the eastern coast of Spain. Our first sight of the Mediteranean […]

  • Trials and Tribulations

    A literal Shakedown! In the biking world a ´shakedown´ is a practice run before a big trip. We had intended a 2-3 month shakedown in France over the summer of 2021 before leaving for the big trip in October but COVID and delays in exchanging on the cottage put that plan in the dustbin. We […]

  • Scenes from Spain

    2 hours into the trails on one of the mountains and we were faced with this! No way around, no other trails….it was back to where we started or wait. Fortunately the guys were brilliant and after a quick chat with James it took them less than 15 minutes to put the road back and […]

  • Castles and Mountains

    The scenery around the Pyrennes is unrelentingly beautiful. We haven’t done much more than drive the trails through the mountains and gaze at the landscape. Every few minutes one of us breaths a sigh ‘just look at that….’ We haven´t been lucky with the weather so far though, it´s generally a bit overcast making it […]

  • Interlude – The Floodplain

    On our first night of wild camping we found a beautiful spot by a fast flowing river. Peaceful, hidden from view and very picturesque – we were very happy with our find. As I busied myself putting the roof up and getting the tables and chairs out James scouted round our new home weighing up […]

  • The Pyrennes

    We have started our Spanish saga winding our way through the off roads and back roads of the beautiful Pyrennes. It has been equally frustrating and liberating getting to grips with the various gadgets and mechanical vagaries that now rule and define our lives but we are getting there and so far things are running […]

  • And So It Begins

    I’m not sure how many husbands get on so well with their mother-in-law but we had a really lovely few days relaxing at Mum’s – the two of them bonded over wine, films and blueberry cheesecake! And how appropriate to spend our last day in the UK doing something so quintessentially English as going to […]

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