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We are Jen, James and Henry the Defender. In 2021 we embarked on the adventure of our lives, travelling the world with no timetable, no map and no rush. Our plan is to simply experience whatever life wants to throw at us, as remote and wild as we can find, and see what each day brings.

Henry is our trusted steed and most importantly our home. He took a year and a half to convert from a station wagon to a fully-equipped overland camper and everything we own is tucked inside or bolted to the outside!

We carry a satellite tracker which pings our location to a map once a day, tracking our route across the world. Follow our adventures through our blog, photos and the map.

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Andorra and the Smugglers Route

Today was the day we were heading into Andorra. The prospect of snow capped mountains and alpine towns was very appealing as was, for me at least, experiencing a whole new country. We didn´t make a particularly early start and looking at the roads into Andorra – which went a long way south before turning … Continue reading Andorra and the Smugglers Route

Barcelona – the City of Love

Having left Figueres and Dali behind we initally went back on our route off road through the Pyrennes unaware of just how bad the wheel hub issue was. We spent a happy couple of days getting to the French border and then onwards to the eastern coast of Spain. Our first sight of the Mediteranean … Continue reading Barcelona – the City of Love

Trials and Tribulations

A literal Shakedown! In the biking world a ´shakedown´ is a practice run before a big trip. We had intended a 2-3 month shakedown in France over the summer of 2021 before leaving for the big trip in October but COVID and delays in exchanging on the cottage put that plan in the dustbin. We … Continue reading Trials and Tribulations


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Henry the Defender

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We had a few adventures before embarking on our nomadic lives. Have a look through our gallery from the ‘practice runs’…..