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We are Jen, James and Henry the Defender. In 2021 we embarked on the adventure of our lives, travelling the world with no timetable, no map and no rush. Our plan is to simply experience whatever life wants to throw at us, as remote and wild as we can find, and see what each day brings.

Henry is our trusted steed and most importantly our home. He took a year and a half to convert from a station wagon to a fully-equipped overland camper and everything we own is tucked inside or bolted to the outside!

We carry a satellite tracker which pings our location to a map once a day, tracking our route across the world. Follow our adventures through our blog, photos and the map.

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The Wild, Wild East!

We drove out of Knysna full of anticipation and excitement for the resuming of our journey east. We had spent our entire time in South Africa so far in the westernised, developed Western Cape –…

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Interlude – Cats!

I have to admit, my firmly held belief that ´there is no such thing as too much cheese´ has, very occasionally, been found to have its limits – the cheese farm you´ll read about in…

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The Call of the Open Road – Heading East

South Africa is officially cold! Beautiful, friendly, easy to travel around but cold! We are heading into winter and the temperatures morning and evening can be anywhere from 6 to 16 degrees and generally damp.…

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Henry the Defender

Henry is our 110 Landrover Defender 2.2L Puma. He is also our home, our security, our transport and a key member of the Sidetracked team.

We have transformed him into a fully kitted-out overlander who keeps us safe, warm, dry and out of trouble (almost) every day!

For those of you interested in the extensive modifications we have made take a look at the tab dedicated to his build by clicking here.

Photo Gallery

We had a few adventures before embarking on our nomadic lives. Have a look through our gallery from the ‘practice runs’…..