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Christmas in Sierra Leone

We had rejoined our group at a beach campsite 50km south of Freetown where they had stayed the previous night after leaving the YMCA. After leaving a few messages for various shipping contacts over the last few days there was nothing more we could do on that front until replies came through and efforts to … Continue reading Christmas in Sierra Leone

Guinea – Waterfalls and Magic

If you consult the FCO on Guinea it will tell you that there is rampant corruption, police exploitation, high risk of car jacking and criminals dressed as military with guns ready to take everything you have on every corner. The FCO clearly has never been to Guinea! We were concerned about entering this country, after … Continue reading Guinea – Waterfalls and Magic


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The Plan

Our travels start on 6th September 2021 with a one-way ferry from Portsmouth to Santander.

From there we head south through Spain to Gibraltar and cross into Morocco to meet our convoy in Fez.

The first 2-3 years are planned to be spent exploring the magnificent continent of Africa after which we hope to ship to India.

A couple of years in Asia should see us shipping to Australia for as long as our visas will allow.

Next stop Chile and then northwards through the Americas into Canada then on to Alaska.

The Bearing Straights lead to Russia, Mongolia and the Stans. We eventually aim to re-enter Europe from the east then up to Scandanavia and Iceland.

And then….who knows…..