Moraira and Beyond – 5 Star Treatment

After Barcelona we spent a couple of days slowly making our way down the coast to Moraira. Our friends Nick and Petra had generously invited us to stay for a few days in their gorgeous villa – and also been the recipients of quite a lot of replacement parts and gadgets!

En route we finally found the sun! This lovely little cove was a wonderful lunch stop

But the scenery generally continued to be fabulous with some interested onlookers and a great tunnel we had a play in!

When we finally arrived in Moraira we were treated to a beautiful location with stunning views and five star hospitality. Petra is an amazing chef and we have eaten so much wonderful food we will be waddling for days to come!

First things first, new laptop unpacked and I spent the first afternoon getting it set up. We didn´t really think it through when we ordered it from a Spanish web-site though – yes it was delivered quickly but Spanish laptops tend to be….urm….in Spanish!! Nick and I spent a couple of happy hours trying to change the system language to English but there´s not much we´re going to do with the Spanish keyboard!

It works though, it´s fast, rugged and the screen is great for outdoor use. I´m a happy girl and the blog is rapidly getting back up to date.

James, in the meantime, spent his first afternoon in a fashion becoming all too familiar….

Moraira as a town is lovely, very up market! Frequented by the odd celebrity by all accounts – Bruce Willis and Leonardo no less!

We ended up staying for four days with Nick and Petra, we could barely tear ourselves away. Not only were we thoroughly spoilt but thanks to all the help and advice from the two of them we have resolved almost all our issues – we even managed to get the USD we needed for West Africa as well as signing up to a couple of really clever little IT gadgets recommended by Nick that might make our lives outside of the EU a little easier.

But all good things must come to an end and Henry was calling. Sadly we have given up on any hope of the Spain to Morocco ferry starting up again so we have planned a route back up north into France and the Sete to Nador crossing. 42 hours on a dirty smelly ferry is filling me with foreboding but the end justifies the means….whatever it takes, we´re getting to Africa!

4 responses to “Moraira and Beyond – 5 Star Treatment”

    • Sète is actually a very pretty little town so worth walking around if you have time. Look out for the Joutes boats too which Sète is famous for. Good luck with the ferry crossing.


  1. Fantastic time your having beautiful photos of your journey so far, pleased your able to sort out electricles to.
    Stay safe have fun 😊


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