We’ve Exchanged!

28th July 2021 – At last! We’ve exchanged on the sale of the cottage and can finally start moving forward with our plans. Our bottle of 1989 Colheita from Porto has been drunk in celebration and hangovers have been dealt with!

Completion is set for 31st August so we can set sail any time after that.

A few weeks ago, when stress levels were high and there seemed so much to organise we agreed there were only two priorities – sell the cottage, get to Morocco. The first is now done, time to concentrate on the second.

After considering the ever-present risks of borders closing and the world shutting down again we have decided to get out of the UK whilst cases are relatively low and everyone is feeling a bit more relaxed. Come Autumn when the weather cools and schools are back who know what might change.

Therefore the ferry to Santander, originally booked for 11th October, has been re-booked for 6th September. On the positive side there were tickets available and the posh Commodore Suite (our last bit of luxury as a treat!) was even still free. On the negative side it cost us a cool £250 more! Ah well, it’s only Monopoly money isn’t it??

Also on the negative side, we won’t be here for my Mum’s birthday and added to missing Christmas I am feeling like a very bad daughter, sister and Auntie. Might have to look at flights home for a couple of days in October just to say happy birthday…..

In the meantime, it’s now full steam ahead selling or storing everything, arranging carnets and international driver’s licenses, changing addresses to my Mum’s place, arranging travel insurance to cover travel against FCO advice, ordering over 500 malaria tablets….the list is endless but this is one mountain I am more than happy to climb!

Note to self : don’t forget to organise the leaving party 🙂

4 responses to “We’ve Exchanged!”

  1. Well done Jen and Jim. I’m really looking forward to hearing about your adventures and wish you both all the very best.

    Bob xx


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