End of an Era

The time has finally come to say goodbye to our home of nearly 9 years.

The longest I have ever lived anywhere since leaving my parents house at 18 and the only home James and I have shared together.

The cottage also has a huge amount of ‘us’ in it given the work we – or rather James – have done renovating it and making it beautiful. Sitting inside, looking around, it feels like a part of us and a small tear was shed as we drove away.

But Henry is packed up and champing to get going and we are in full agreement. Time to let go of our ties and drive off into the sunset following our hearts and our dreams.

People ask if we’re stressed, scared, have any doubts. The honest answer is no, not a single one. The only stress has been not being able to get going sooner and the ever present risk of COVID closing things down. I feel lighter, happier and more at ease than I have in a very, very long time – walking on air is an apt phrase! My footsteps have gained in spring every time something we owned was sold or given away and now I am light as a feather.

I was driving Henry a few days ago thinking that I used to feel happy like this when we’re setting off for a trip but there was always a tinge of dark cloud knowing it would be all-too short and in the blink of an eye we’d be back home counting down the days to the next one. Well this time there is no dark cloud, the open road is ours for as long as we want it and that, as they say, is what dreams are made of.

There wasn’t a lot left as we left, just some historical information about the cottage and its architect, some manuals and a few keys.

We hope the new owner loves the place as much as we do – he is a professional drag queen so will no doubt bring a whole new look and feel to the place.

The garage/workshop which was James’ pride and joy holding our motorbikes, tools and treadmill will apparently now be a dressing room filled with costumes and wigs. You never own a house, you just take care of it for the next person!

We wish Ashley and the cottage all the best.

And finally we couldn’t finish without a huge shout out to everyone who came to our leaving do / 50th birthday celebrations on Saturday!

We had so many people I didn’t get chance to speak to everyone as much as I would have liked but food and drink flowed all day, the cottage was filled with laughter and of course Henry was the star of the show with everyone fascinated by the reality of our future home – he is a bit of a beast up close!

In particular, I was honoured and thrilled that Cecilia spent many hours on trains and waiting at stations to come and see us. Thank you my love, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. And Chris found out the hard way what the drive to and from Enfield was like with a 4 hour drive here and a 2 hour drive back! How I will miss that journey!!

So many flowers, cards, balloons and beer…and lots and lots of hugs! We couldn’t have asked for a better send off.

9 responses to “End of an Era”

  1. We had a great time. Thank you so much for inviting us.
    We will miss you and look forward to reading your blogs.
    Have a wonderful time. Lots of love from Keith and Yvette xxx


  2. Looks a fab send off,
    Wishing you all the very best of what life will bring you, take care stay safe have so much fun & laughter & breath it all in. xxx


  3. Jen, Jim – thank you for a great party. Henry is a beast but then you two are the beastmasters. Safe journeys guys.


  4. Jen, James, it was a lovely birthday and send off party. It’s hard leaving what you love and people you love behind but the future will be blessed with so many memories as you forge ahead. Wishing you journey mercies. The Lord is your shepherd.
    Be assured I will be watching and following you❤👍🚀


  5. It was a good night, even Lissy came out of her shell (especially when she arrived on the back of Tom’s bike).
    All I hope for you both is that you make every day count (and not forget the baby dragon shots!! Lissy is asking already!!)
    Here’s to the open road with open hearts and dreams xxx


  6. A very emotional weekend. Happy and sad but mainly happy! It was lovely to be there for your send off/birthday/retirement party. Great to get together with your friends and family and to take photos of the event. Sending lots of love for a safe and exciting voyage. Looking forward to catching up with your travelogue and, hopefully, in person. Cxx


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