The Pyrennes

We have started our Spanish saga winding our way through the off roads and back roads of the beautiful Pyrennes.

It has been equally frustrating and liberating getting to grips with the various gadgets and mechanical vagaries that now rule and define our lives but we are getting there and so far things are running pretty smoothly – the odd hiccup being all part of life’s rich tapestry!

The scenery in this part of Spain is as breathtaking as ever. The weather is cool with the occasional hit of blistering heat and one notable thunder storm – more of which to come…..

Whilst our plan is to mix things up as we travel, these first few days are all about enjoying Henry and the challenge of off road driving so it has been more gravel and mud roads and less exploring on foot.

We spent a day exploring the Bardenas Reales, a semi-desert region known as the ‘badlands’ where time, wind and water have created the most incredible canyons and plateaus. We tried to send the drone up to get a good view from the top but received a stern warning on the app that it was a military no-fly zone – whether the flurry of military jets flying overhead immediately afterwards were connected to our faux pas or not will remain a mystery, we busied ourselves looking innocent cooking omelettes for brunch!

Beyond the badlands we have been rewarded with beautiful landscapes, fascinating forts and mini castles as well as the pretty Spanish villages that are scattered around this area.

8 responses to “The Pyrennes”

  1. “British tourists accidentally obliterate Spanish air sqadron with a drone. Boris Johnson issues sincere apology.”


  2. Stunning photos – and more than enough adventure just at the start of the journey. I’m sure Henry is inpatient too!
    I do hope it’s a minor blip on the huge plans that you have in front of you xx


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