Interlude – The Floodplain

On our first night of wild camping we found a beautiful spot by a fast flowing river. Peaceful, hidden from view and very picturesque – we were very happy with our find.

As I busied myself putting the roof up and getting the tables and chairs out James scouted round our new home weighing up the opportunities and threats, checking the borders etc. He returned to the truck musing that we were camped on a floodplain and there were sluice gates up river. I looked around, it clearly hadn’t flooded for a while but the river was very close.

‘We’ll be fine’ he said, ‘as long as it doesn’t rain….’

We settled in to dinner and then to bed. Before retiring James flipped the passenger seat down and cleared the route from the back to the driver’s seat ‘just in case’. When he put the keys in the ignition ready for a quick escape even I started to get a little nervous. We rehearsed the escape plan – he’ll be down from the bed and in the driver’s seat before I’m even properly awake and I’m to sit tight on the bed and hold on!

As we lay in bed reading and falling asleep the sky went white above us. We looked at each other and then out of the window…the white was quickly followed by a roar of thunder, then another, then another……

Stoic as ever, James said he would keep an eye out, we’ll probably be fine! I suggested that neither of us would get much sleep down here, perhaps better to move now and have a more relaxed night. Much debate ensued, enough that we finally decided it just wasn’t worth losing any more sleep over.

So now picture the scene, 11pm at night, both of us in nothing but our undies, James driving like a mad thing up the hill in the rain and me clinging on for dear life in the back!

Of course this story needs a punch line that says when we woke the next morning the floodplain was 3 feet deep in water. Sadly I can’t supply that ending but we did sleep well with smiles on our faces!

9 responses to “Interlude – The Floodplain”

  1. That was a very lucky escape. Glad you made your move quickly, otherwise it would have been another story.
    I told you, you were being looked after 🙏😘


  2. You’ve captured this so well I felt like I was there! Glad you’re both safe and that the adventure has truly kicked off 😉


  3. Once the seed is set you know you won’t sleep, you did right by moving, and besides why risk losing all you’ve worked for so early in the adventure ? 🤷🏽

    Loving the blog, stay safe Guys 👍



  4. Better safe than sorry, I know Henry is built to wade but best to wait until that’s strictly necessary 🙂


  5. We had a similar event in France were we parked on a dry river bed that did turn into a torrent in a thunderstorm – so had to do the same as you and drive up the river and out onto the road – the next day the area was flooded in this case and we were very happy we moved !


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