Castles and Mountains

The scenery around the Pyrennes is unrelentingly beautiful. We haven’t done much more than drive the trails through the mountains and gaze at the landscape. Every few minutes one of us breaths a sigh ‘just look at that….’

We haven´t been lucky with the weather so far though, it´s generally a bit overcast making it difficult to capture the full beauty in photos.

The day after our last post we visited the Castle Loarre, a real piece of Spanish history. Built in the 12th Century and expanded as both a fort and monastery. It is incredibly well preserved and fascinating to wander around. Not to mention the views from all angles.

From there it was a short hop to the Hoya de Hueseca where we had a play with the drone exploring the various ruins and outcrops. There is also a protected family of Griffin Vultures who were circling – almost impossible to photograph but you get the idea!

There are castles and ruins around every corner, it makes you wonder who used to live there and what happened to them – where have all the people gone??

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