Scenes from Spain

2 hours into the trails on one of the mountains and we were faced with this! No way around, no other trails….it was back to where we started or wait. Fortunately the guys were brilliant and after a quick chat with James it took them less than 15 minutes to put the road back and allow us on our way!

Zulus – thousands of them! And they weren´t about to move!!

She wasn´t about to mooooove anytime soon either!

Somebody seriously regretted their decision today – the 4 x 4 had to guide them back down the mountain, it was a hire car as well!

But nobody regretted their day more than Tavi who was looking for his friend´s house and took his eyes off the road for an instant straight out of a hairpin bend…..his lucky day when two Brits and a landrover drove past and pulled him out with a winch – and we went away two bottles of red wine richer!

If anyone can tell us what these are you win first prize!

When it´s torrential rain outside the removable table comes in very handy for blogging – and it feels quite cozy inside

It was raining so hard the resident Robin took refuge under the awning next morning

The champagne from my friends and colleagues at LBE was enjoyed two weeks into the trip – thank you everyone

Artwork! Practicing with my 400mm lens…..

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